Student Body

You Matter Kylie Maldonado "She doesn’t even go here"
You Matter Adison Maldonado "Hannah Montana said nobody is perfect but god created Demetrius Harmon"
You Matter Zoe Wright "Thick thighs and positive vibes"
You Matter Zoey Tank "And thats on period luv"
You Matter Laila Green "Im not about to play with nobody kid"
You Matter Justin Herrero "dont follow your dreams, follow me on instagram @justinherrero"
You Matter Hannah Herrero "Freaking mint @hannahherrero"
You Matter Austin Kollar "Life is a party and I’m the piñata"
You Matter Diarra Seye "I do what I want cuz I want to"
You Matter Namoi Rose "My spirit animal is a salamander"
You Matter Lakayla Daugherti "I met Meech now nothing else matters"
You Matter Namia Peterson "And Perry’s hat"
You Matter Andrea McCray "Be happy"
You Matter Laila Pasha "If he got a problem knock his tooth in"
You Matter Naomi johnson "Because why do things happen"
You Matter Neida Rodiguez "Only I can change my life no one can do It for me"
You Matter Clara Perez "Its a beautiful day to save lives"
You Matter Maha Omar "Say inshalla"
You Matter Maria Marley "Rabba rei roo -mrs johnson"
You Matter Betoul Ajin "This is still a Gucci household"
You Matter Jaclyn Harrington "When the power of love over comes the love of power the world will know peace"
You Matter Emma Porterfield "Nothing is permanent"
You Matter Laila Galarsa "Everything you want is on the other side of fear"
You Matter Carl Austin Miller Grondin "There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about "
You Matter Kirsten Lanigan "Im worth the work"
You Matter Elizabeth Graham "I like who I’m becoming, I’m becoming who I like"
You Matter Morgan Lignell "You never know til you know"
You Matter Mandy Ta "These faults and mistakes are what I am, making up the brightest stars in the constellations of my life"
You Matter Morgan Smith "Don't let your computer screen be brighter than your future"
You Matter Morgans Dad "Stay in school"
You Matter Olivia Andronic "Y’all mind if I have a good week -caucasian James"
You Matter Demitrius Castelow ""
You Matter Andrew Kennedy "It be like that"
You Matter Brigitte Olson "You ever yeet and regret it"
You Matter Gabbi Slocum "to all the teachers that never taught me a thing…"
You Matter Misty Tadeki "If I am worth anything now, I am worth something later"
You Matter Natalie Scarlett "Spicy nuggets are back baby"
You Matter Shania Wren "Sunny D is a caricature of orange juice"
You Matter Samantha Winston-Brown "Lmao we getting evicted from earth"
You Matter Deja Moore "Brown nipples or give me death"
You Matter Ayah Imran "I got a haircut but no one noticed"
You Matter Amani Imran "I only wore the hijab to give you hoes a chance"
You Matter Reham Imran "Highschool was harder to get through than airport security"
You Matter Fatima Imran "Ive never went a day without a bad hair day"
You Matter Areej Imran "My hairline might be worse than Lebrons but no one would ever know"
You Matter Eliana Vincent "Find your name and find your voice by speaking yourself- Kim namjoon"
You Matter Majidah Abdulkadir "Ive gone years without people noticing by bad hair days"
You Matter Kalila Roverson "Even if it makes others uncomfortable, I will love who I am -janelle monae"
You Matter Nazjah Walker "Home of the 313"
You Matter Meagen Dougherty "Yessir"
You Matter Ariana Stephens "Period’tt"
You Matter Jestin Wilder "The chosen one"
You Matter Amari Aaron "I love you"
You Matter Gabriel Sims-Allen "Faith keeps me strong even when I think I’m weak"
You Matter Mira Kobeissi "You deserve to be happy don’t let anyone make you forget that"
You Matter Sara Salim "Be picky with your close friends and time"
You Matter Lilly Lee "If you think you are too small to make a difference then you have not met a mosquito"
You Matter Keiry Perez "Picture? Take videos instead"
You Matter Destiny Jackson "Ahh go crazy! Ahh go stupid!"
You Matter Nian Cowling "The pain in my eyes is only half of what you know"
You Matter Kani Robinson "Everything is cool"
You Matter Isabel Streeter "We got a test? -Demetrius harmon"
You Matter Maeti Udeh "Life is like a sandwich, either way you flip it, the bread comes first"
You Matter Seefun Nega "Meech: where is my habesha queen. Me: "
You Matter Meech "One time a girl said she'd suck dick for a you matter hoodie"
You Matter Daniel Chae "Senior quote"
You Matter Maha Hamed "TSA gave me a harder time than school did"
You Matter Kya Rittenhouse "Be groovy or leave man"
You Matter Sasha Swasey "Care a little bit but like, don’t"
You Matter Monique Meads "Always be your number one fan"
You Matter Aja Parker "I aint choose to being player, being player chose me"
You Matter Carlos Toombs "I dont stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done"
You Matter Paris Parker "If I work hard at it, I will be where I want to be"
You Matter Carlena “Stickums” Toombs "Lady stixx, the skinny legend has arrived"
You Matter Celine Chandler "Refuse to be anything less than successful "
You Matter Alana Dackiw "Sometimes its the journey that teaches you a lot about the destination -Drake"
You Matter Briana McCallum "I like that -mr hotspot"
You Matter Lulu Bogun "Im baby"
You Matter Billie Adams "No I’m baby"
You Matter Taleah Moye "Life’s gonna do what it does so live it up -brother nature"
You Matter Krystal Diamond "Too broke to pay back student loans"
You Matter Djaka Kaba "What am I going to do now"
You Matter Kadiatou Kaba "All this for a job…"
You Matter Nadya Smith "Happiness is the key to success"
You Matter Haba kaba "Life is too short to be unhappy"
You Matter Sirah Camara "We move"
You Matter Courtney Couch "Chasing a dream only I can see"
You Matter Mykel Dolinski "and they were room mates"
You Matter Adrianna Balcer "Omg they were room mates"
You Matter Ahmed Abbas "Your struggle is your progression"
You Matter Maya Lyght "Fuck fear and just go for it"
You Matter Natasha Makumbe "Its lit"
You Matter Madison King "Only the realist survive"
You Matter Courtney Rice "You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you cant pick your friends noses"
You Matter Faith Crosby "It is what it is"
You Matter Carly Craig "Hold on, I gotta overthink about it"
You Matter Elizabeth Panas "dont follow your dreams, follow my twitter @elizabeth_panas"
You Matter Paige Topping "If you can make out your mind, you can make it anywhere "
You Matter Maxwell Rambo "Wherever you go, good luck out there"
You Matter Kahshiada Kidd "You Matter University is better than the university I attend"
You Matter Emmanuel Pickens "All I ever ask is keep it eight more than 92 with me, 1hunnid"
You Matter Olivia Oney "Days get brighter"
You Matter Etim Eniang "Yesirrrrrrrrrrrr!"
You Matter Sam Austins "WE GOT RACKADES!!!!!!!!!!"
You Matter Mario Yago "Had to wear a dress cause I had a stick"
You Matter Micheyla Jones "Sheesh, I’m out!"
You Matter Kiyyah Wade "Life is short, drop out."
You Matter Taylor Johnson "Living everyday like its my last"
You Matter Sockhna Diaw "Go stupid ahhh!!"
You Matter Eve Taylor "Love life"
You Matter Miracle Nwachukwu "Better days are coming"
You Matter Ambar Amoros-Gomez "It is what it is"
You Matter Arnitra Randolph "My brand is my garlic parmesan hot n’ ready"
You Matter Jerrod McFarland "If anyone can do it, then why can’t you?"
You Matter May Gulley "Just remember someone loves everything you hate about yourself - Frank Ocean"
You Matter Natalie Hicks "I wonder if you look both ways when you cross my mind"
You Matter Mia Wilkins "Always stay gracious, best revenges are paper."
You Matter Zoe Graham "Fk bitches, get money, live life!"
You Matter Trinity Robinson "Those who cannot acknowledge their trueself, eventually fail"
You Matter Gia Johnson "I’m not gonna run away, I never go back on my word! Thats my nindo: my Ninja way!"
You Matter Vashanti Allen "As emotionally stable as an Ikea table "
You Matter Keyahna Bryant "I got the keys"
You Matter Mariah Lake "You die once but you live every day, make it count."
You Matter Onyinyechi Obinya "Before you act, listen."
You Matter Zay Provost "You gotta be able to smile through all this bullshit - Tupac"
You Matter Jacob D’Herin "Today gives me a good vibe"
You Matter Jamarkus Dalton "If you believe it is, it has no choice but to be."
You Matter Cynthia Bowman "Welp, my heart got broken, time to dye my hair."
You Matter Alli McCarthy "Stupid, thats a belly button"
You Matter Kaia Johnson "I don’t even need these lenses, 20 on 20 my vision"
You Matter Lourena De Abreu "Cut a ni**a off and my checks got bigger"
You Matter Rese Hollingshed "Get your money up not your funny up"
You Matter Kaylee Gonzalez "I’m already bossed up, sis."
You Matter Yasmeen Elassal "I got a haircut but no one noticed"
You Matter Lauren McMillan "Detroit is incredible if you know how to mind your business"
You Matter Temi Yusuf "Far from home but always reppin’"
You Matter Temi Akinbola "Barely made it but I’m still here"
You Matter Azana Jones "Remember on your worst days you are still worth it"
You Matter Star Jennings "Healing is not linear"
You Matter Shelby Parker "Don’t feel bad about not feeling"
You Matter Lucero Ramirez "Your secrets are safe with me… I wasn’t even listening "
You Matter Stephanie Barajas "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter - MLK"
You Matter Lily Deboer "Sad b*tches are bad b*tches too"
You Matter Katrina Padron "Its only up from here"
You Matter Astrid Ball "I’m still here"
You Matter Keyla Garcia-Rodriguez "“For the good” - Romans 8:28"
You Matter Daija Monae "Move like a snake "
You Matter Laila Kitchen "Your asking for it, your dying for it get off my back - Pooja "
You Matter Daija Miller "Shoutout to all the pears"
You Matter Daylin Roblero "Life is like a sandwich, either way you flip it, the bread comes first"
You Matter Jordan Morgan "Don’t even think about it, just go for it."
You Matter Valeria Arredondo "Me puse las pilas cuh"
You Matter Nick Barrientes "Woke up for great vibes and thicc thighs"
You Matter Isiah Barrientes "Aint nothing funny when you wake up for the money"
You Matter Ish Fasina "I don’t drink but hennythings possible"
You Matter Aaron Manalil "I got fish I’m a lake"
You Matter Bello Armani "Grateful that God made my faith stronger than my fears"
You Matter Joshua Branch "Get a damn job - John Witherspoon"
You Matter Ameera Hussey "I am Beyonce always"
You Matter Aminata Kaba "The sky is the limit"
You Matter Jarrod Kimble "Aye its Stuart little "
You Matter Baillie Leach "I made this my YMU quote to get a free holiday t-shirt "
You Matter Kayla Sharon "Hold on to hope, if you got it - Paramore"
You Matter Allie Rupert "Somehow everything is going to fall into place"
You Matter Tra’Shawntay Harris + Baby "Nothing can be gained by living in the yesterday"
You Matter Storm Byrdsong "A major setback is a setup for your greatest comeback"
You Matter Karlesha Watkins "Only through pain, you can achieve greatness"
You Matter Brianna Cipponeri "Law of attraction"
You Matter Salma Hamamy "Free…"
You Matter Fatin Imran "…Palestine"
You Matter Katerina Willis "dont talk to strangers, but if you do, start a band - @remedy47_"
You Matter Justin Vampoppelen "And sometimes, sometimes I wish I took a simpler route. Instead of havin’ demons thats as big as my house "
You Matter Aaliyah Flint "A person is a person no matter how small - Dr. Suess"
You Matter Justin Awosika "Stay true to self"
You Matter Toddrick Weir "Sometimes you have to make time for yourself"
You Matter Lauren Macsay "Ain’t that just the way"
You Matter Maggie Mullins "Treat yourself as if you are your own friend"
You Matter Lauren Phillips "Holy cow!"
You Matter Zara Hashmi "Everything I’m not made me everything I am"
You Matter Kelly Goodwin "Go crazy ahhh, go stupid ahhh!"
You Matter Adaeze Njoku "Am I thick yet?"
You Matter Jenn Wien "In order to grow you must be willing to change"
You Matter Aleigha Bracke "oop!"
You Matter Kayla Ringle "this is the beginning of anything you want"
You Matter Madison McCarver "Heelies don’t have brakes cause the swag never stops"
You Matter Tamar Davis "The purpose of nature is the advancement and development of life - Chief Keef"
You Matter Calvin Parrish "Always skip class"
You Matter Dante Williams "9am monday she's yours, this weekend I love her - Future Hndrxx"
You Matter David Becker "Be true to who you are "
You Matter Tamarrah Morgan "Go Demarkus, Go Demarkus"
You Matter Jujua Mccrary "Tomorrow is just todays grief"
You Matter Heba Kedir "Loving is easy - Ed Shereen"
You Matter Jenelle Smith "Like a sprained ankle, I ain’t nothing to play with."
You Matter Morgan Pease "At the end of the day we can endure much more than we think we can - Frida Kahlo"
You Matter Bradley W. Cholette "You do what you want when you poppin - Future Hndrxx"
You Matter Daishayanea Jackson "Choose joy, choose gratitude be saturated in prayer"
You Matter Keitra Osler "Don’t follow your dreams…Follow my twitter @keitraosler"
You Matter Savion Sanchez "Don’t let outside noise distract you"
You Matter Megan Manu "Be better tomorrow than you were today"
You Matter Joseph Lenzo "They think I’m dumb but they don’t know I see the plot - Migos"
You Matter Aisha Betts "Life is too short to care if you’re a weeb"
You Matter India Jones "Look at this weeb, Aisha Betts"
You Matter Jalen Johnson "No regerts."
You Matter Mariana Urrea "Since a youngin’ always dreamed of getting rich"
You Matter Katlyn Gallagher "I’m not dead yet"
You Matter Deontae Townsend "She belong to the streets"
You Matter Brenden Brooks "Welcome back to McDonalds"
You Matter Jenna Taylor "If I eated soap, I don’t eat it bc I did. No I didn’t"
You Matter Christiian Leach "Thats how its actually spelled"
You Matter Huda Shulaiba "And now that you don’t have to be perfect you can be good - John Steinbeck"
You Matter Jennifer Harmon "My son’s famous"
You Matter Brandee Robinson "Selfcare is important"
You Matter Champagne Clark "hot girl"
You Matter Fanta Kaba "Good enough"
You Matter Saydatou Cisse "Be you tiful"
You Matter Hawa Kaba "Dream big"
You Matter Savannah Maycroft "I’ve connected the two dots"
You Matter Courtney Gannon "You haven’t connected shit"
You Matter Raven Gannon "I’ve connected them!"
You Matter Ashley Shoate "Always curve the brim of your hat, b - Huey Fresman"
You Matter Donovhan Belton "Forever goated"
You Matter Kamari Williams "I might have bags under my eyes, but at least they’re MCM"
You Matter Alicia Miranda "Everything I like is either expensive, illegal, or won't text back"
You Matter Roman Stokes "I guess you lose some and win some, my last outcome is income"
You Matter Matthew Miller "Everybody has an addiction mine happens to be success"
You Matter Michelle Ludwig "Someday is not a day of the week"
You Matter Haleigh Harris "Annaloc"
You Matter Olivia Compora "I just fkd your b*tch in some Gucci flip flops"
You Matter Jason Beam "It do not matter"
You Matter Miranda Benardo "I know you’re good but I’m trynna make you great"
You Matter Zachary Hill "You gotta risk it to get the biscuit"
You Matter Kameron Shakoor "Momentum "